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World Tai Chi and Qigong Day, Kolkata, 2019

Updated: May 1, 2019

Not many people in Kolkata know about this day that is commemorated across the world on last Saturday of April every year. It’s not surprising as not many know about Tai Chi or Qigong in the first place. We as instructors certified to teach Tai Chi for Health programs from Dr. Paul Lam’s institute in Sydney are delighted to have celebrated the day and as luck favors those who try, we were accompanied by a group of students who have found a bigger purpose of life in Tai Chi. See the video. Several passers-by joined us too as we started moving slowly, softly and gracefully. Yes, that’s right, a fitness program that Tai Chi for Health is, indeed slow, soft and graceful.

Practice at Dhakuria Lake to celebrate World Tai Chi Day

So what is Tai Chi? What is Qigong?

Tai Chi is an ancient form of cultivating inner energy or life force, as some would prefer to name it that way, originally practiced by warriors and monks to protect their temple and to remain alert and focused.

Life force or Qi or ‘Prana’ is the essential life biological energy that keeps us alive. As we all know when it diminishes we are left as perishable body. Call Qi as soul, if it pleases you. While the life force is flowing we are alive, we are fresh and we are capable of recovering from some severe damages sustained by our mortal body. According to ancient Chinese philosophy blockage in the flow of this life force or ‘Qi’ causes diseases.

As we spoke earlier, Tai Chi is slow, meditative and mindful practice of flowing forms one following another without precise starts and stops. Tai Chi is easy to learn for anyone who is willing to start a journey towards healthier and fitter lifestyle. There is only one prerequisite i.e. one needs to seek better health! So start practicing Tai Chi in any way possible and just like Mother Nature, Tai Chi will reward in return without restraint.

It will be wrong to imagine that certain medical condition can hold you back from Tai Chi goodness. Tai Chi is a tool to fight diseases with the help of abundant life force that all living being are blessed with. Tai Chi is easy to tweak or adjust to fit one’s body type or fitness level. Just get started, give it some time and see the results for yourself.

Moving on to Qigong, Tai Chi is a moving form of Qigong. Let us explain Qi = Life energy, Gong = work. Qigong literally mean ‘working with life energy’. Qigong though powerful is even easier to start with as it does not involve much movement. However, being stationary, Qigong doesn’t yield the aerobic benefits of Tai Chi and has limited impact on betterment of motor skills.

Tai Chi and Qigong in Kolkata? Really?

That will be a big YES. Of course it’s new and not very popular, mainly because Kolkata and whole of India lacks good instructors and awareness. That has changed now. Yay! Even though we are just two people (Kartikey & Sylvia), we are trying our best to spread the goodness of Tai Chi to everyone.

The two of us at ‘Shine with Health’ have moved back to Kolkata after receiving our training and certificates from Dr. Paul Lam’s institute (, we have the vision of spreading Tai Chi goodness among all. The purpose is to propagate an idea that there is a way to avoid ill-effects of stress and anxiety without medicines. There is a way to recover faster after a major illness, accident or injury without spending too much time and money for rehabilitation. Tai Chi is an investment with manifold returns.

Tai Chi is a way to avoid mishaps through mindfulness and presence of mind. Tai Chi is a better and happier way of Life. The revolution is brewing, you are welcome to join.

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