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Towards a Traditional Fitness Regime for Children

We celebrated World Yoga Day on 21st June 2019. So did many other gyms and fitness studios across the city. A common event on an uncommon day!

But, the high level of performance by our Instructors got me thinking.

Why do we neglect tradition in preference to more western ideals? For example, which is more appealing to a child (and parents) today – Yoga or gymnastics? Karate or skating? Bharatanatyam or ballet? The choice is obvious - gymnastics, skating and ballet – preferably in an air-conditioned little gym with pop music playing!

Yoga in our city is undoubtedly not packaged well. Especially yoga for children. There are very few “cool” and “urban” yoga studios in town. Evolution of the art has not taken place properly here. The exceptional levels of skill and expertise needed for yoga mastery has not been properly advertised. Yoga Competitions are low key events with minimum to no coverage on social media, leave alone print media. And finally, of the vast number of centers mushrooming across our city, how many are really genuine? How many are imparting training of a really high standard?

Being a serious fitness professional, my endeavor is to address all these points in our Yoga Classes at Mike’s Martial Arts. Hopefully, we can turn things around a small step at a time.

Take a minute to watch our video and witness the high level of performance by our Instructors. It is an eye-opener to the level of flexibility, core strength, balance and poise that can be achieved through diligent practice of yoga. In no way is the result of this training any less than that of the other commercial western gymnastics / fitness centers in our city. That too at a fraction of the cost!!

Let’s do things right for a change. Let’s start young and finish strong!!

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