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Power Lungs Post Covid

Published by The Telegraph on 3 June 2021.

I wrote this article after much research and thought. When I wrote it, I had no means of knowing that within the span of a week, I would get to test the breathing exercises curated in this article myself in a real life scenario!

I came down with Covid 19 on 15 May 2021. For the next two weeks, during home isolation, I practiced these breathing exercises daily. I did not have any drop in oxygen saturation during the course of the infection.

A substantial portion of my recovery to good health can be attributed to my prior fitness, however, these breathing exercises also helped. They kept my saturation intact and also gave me something positive to do in terms of exercising my lungs.

My advice (from practical experience) would be to learn and practice these exercises. They may come in handy! Please bear in mind that all the exercises excluding the spirometer exercise can be done even during mild Covid infection. Post infection, all exercises can be done as they hugely aid in recovery to good health.

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