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Can I ever be a Black Belt?

The Spirit of Karate

To be A Shodan or a Black Belt is a milestone in one’s life. It is a moment that is not easily forgotten.

50% of students who join my martial arts studio quit within the first 3 months. Why?

From the feedback I receive, it’s mostly because of lack of time (hectic work schedule), and sometimes financial pressure (unable to pay fees). For the former, I cannot do much. For the latter, I can and I do i.e. in a genuine case or two :)..

And what becomes of the 50% students who do remain? Do they all become black belts?

Their chances are high indeed, provided they clear the one year hurdle. Here onward, the challenge is to:

 (1) Face with equanimity the fact that more complex techniques are difficult to master;

(2) Be patient and understanding with oneself – not everyone picks up everything every time;

(3) Realize Martial Arts is not magic - it takes time to develop strength of mind, body and character;

(4) Bear criticism and weather the toughness – it’s all for your own good!!

Easier said than done? No, it is not easy and it is not meant to be. If it were easy, then what would be the sense of achievement in becoming a Black Belt? Zilch…Nada…Nothing!!

To be honest, statistics indicate that less than ten out of every one hundred students only ever become Black Belts.But, it is my firm belief that anyone can be one of those ten! All it takes is a bit of patience and a spirit of perseverance.

So, to answer the question “Can I every be a Black Belt?”, the answer is “Yes I can!”…

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Nothing that is special, is easy to achieve in life! But, then, what's the point in achieving something that is not special?


It should be a commitment to oneself first.The rest will follow.

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